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NCWorks-Lincoln Center Leader and Centralina WDB Member Tony Simpson Completes Leadership Lincoln

May 25, 2023

Tony Simpson wins award Tony Simpson wins award Tony Simpson Leadership Tony Simpson Leadership

Tony Simpson, NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln Center Leader, is one of the newest graduates from the Leadership Lincoln program, a service of the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce. The mission of Leadership Lincoln is to grow leadership capacity of the community. The program brings together emerging leaders of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Leadership Lincoln is a 9-month program that brings selected local community leaders together to discover the richness and history of Lincoln County through tours and presentations.

This year's class had 8 participants from varying agencies throughout Lincoln County. Participants in this extensive class learn who they are as leaders along the way through team-building tasks. Each class chooses a project to give back and impact the community. The project chosen by this class was to serve food at the Christian Ministries which is the county's local soup kitchen. Not only did the class give back by serving food, but they also held a community-wide food drive. The 2022/2023 Leadership Lincoln class collected over 1,800 units of food and presented Mitzi Williams, Christian Ministries Executive Director, a check for $4,950.00 for cash donations collected. Leadership Lincoln was a great experience.

Since Leadership Lincoln began in 1999, 270 graduates are engaged in civic, social, community development, business, and government positions throughout the county.

This is just one of the many initiatives that Tony is involved in that benefit his community. Tony has been a member of the Centralina Workforce Development Board since 2015 and is an outstanding leader in Lincoln County. It is a direct result of Tony's leadership and dedication that has developed the NCWorks Career Center-Lincoln into the leading source of employment services. The Centralina Workforce Development Board is proud of Tony and his accomplishments!

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